Open Letter to the Dean of the New SEC Faculty on the merger

Posted on May 12, 2011


Dear Professor Sim,

I am writing to you today to outline some of the many concerns that are felt by the student body at Kingston, as to the merger of the three faculties into the new faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing. I have received countless emails and spoken to many students who are not only concerned but fearful that the restructuring will have a lasting impact upon their course and final qualification.

I would therefore like to offer you the opportunity to respond to some of these concerns:

  • Support staff – it is feared that restructuring will lead to a dramatic reduction in the numbers of support staff available to assist students during times where students are under pressure as low income persons from every area of society.
  • Student/staff ratios – we are concerned that the restructuring will lead to a dramatic negative shift in student/staff ratios.
  • Technical staff – we are very seriously concerned about the drop in the availability in technical staff and this is a concern that students are particularly angry about. A reduction in technical staff would be a backwards step for Kingston in terms of supporting our students.

These are some of the major concerns being raised by students and we feel that the University needs to respond urgently to these concerns. Kingston is about to raise fees to unprecedented levels and backwards steps in supporting students are simply not an option.

We await your reply with interest.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Dingle

President Elect and Vice President Education

Kingston University Students’ Union